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Unlocking The Mind Overview and Roll Out

Hear some of the resources of Unlocking The Mind and how it can assist and enhance relationships, prepare you for upcoming medical test and what to consider when you discover a “first symptom”.

The Unlocking The Mind process offers alternative perceptions of situations and event that brings you to Peace and wellness.

Once you experience this process, you begin to share the process and ideas with others, bringing them healing and wellness.

Self-Help Expert and Teacher Dr. Mark W. Tong

Dr. Mark W. Tong, founder of Healing International, LLC, Unlocking the Mind and the 7 Life Lessons.

Dr. Tong’s highly sought after programs & teachings assist individuals in every aspect of their life including healing emotional trauma and significant relationships.

His programs show people how to move forward and obtain health, wealth and Peace of Mind.

Dr. Tong “LIVE” – Reveals Life Lessons

Hear attendees tell about their own experience in working with Dr. Tong at a LIVE Event in Saint Petersburg, Florida

Relationship Repair Online System

Relationship Repair is an amazing online process can heal and enhance significant relationships. Get started now at

Unlocking The Mind Healing and Wellness

Hear insights into Unlocking The Mind’s amazing and Powerful healing and wellness program.

Wellness and healing is accomplished through addressing and understanding significant relationships and their underlying emotional events.

Healing The Emotions in a Significant Relationship

Hear how Unlocking the Mind’s Relationship Repair Program can address the emotionally charged events in significant relationships.

Crystal Bay Hotel – Saint Petersburg, Florida

Amazing Historic Crystal Bay Hotel is Florida’s Largest B&B.

The hotel was recently renovated in 2015, it takes you back in time as you walk through the door with all the modern conveniences of Free high-speed Wi-Fi, on-site parking, pool and one of the best breakfasts’ you’ll find on the Gulf Coast!

Located just minutes to the Gulf Beaches overlooking Boca Ciega Bay.

Heal The Mind | The Key To Wellness & Healing

Everything in the Universe must begin with a thought this includes, dis-ease.

Hear Dr. Mark W. Tong, through Unlocking the Mind reveals the importance of healing the mind first.

Counseling vs The Relationship Repair System

Dr. Mark Tong tells how  Unlocking the Mind’s Relationship Repair Program is different from traditional counseling. 

Dr. Tong’s Relationship Repair Program requires 60-90 minutes with “her” online and a 10-minute phone call with “him”. 

Amazingly, with Dr. Tong’s program most relationships can be enhanced and healed in one online session.

Change Your Life With Unlocking The Mind

Hear how you can walk through anything that is keeping you from moving forward with the Unlocking The Mind Free Starter Kit.

Dr. Mark Tong LIVE Revealing The 7 Life Lessons

Hear the key elements to Spiritual Healing with Unlocking the Mind‘s 7 Life Lessons.

You’ll also hear client comments relating to their own personal experiences working with Dr. Mark W. Tong and The 7 Life Lessons.