Dr. Mark W. Tong

The Process: 7 Life Lessons | Unlocking The Mind

While working at an alternative cancer clinic with Stage IV cancer patients, Dr. Mark Tong had the opportunity to develop a process to identify the underlying emotional trauma and events that manifest into the disease. By implementing this process, it gave patients the opportunity to receive healing and to experience Peace.

Using this same process, Dr. Tong now teaches others to assist those with physical and emotional “issues” for healing and wellness. He discovered the “Seven Life Lessons” (7 Life Lessons) where he concluded that everyone is working on these specific “life lessons”, and that these lessons are tied to specific emotions, events and relationships. 

This same process is found to be effective in numerous areas including the healing of significant relationships, which almost immediately avoids ongoing counseling.

About Dr. Tong

Dr. Mark W. Tong is the Founder of Unlocking the Mind. Mark is a renowned Counselor, Author, Self-Help Expert & Public Speaker. He holds a Doctorate in Natural Healing and a Master’s in Religious Studies.

Mark is widely known for his pioneering work with cancer patients and the chronically ill. Mark’s work and techniques were pivotal in his patients progress and success with their healing, recovery, and wellness.

Dr. Tong is in great demand for his teachings, counseling, workshops, and lectures.

  • Author of Prevent Cancer
  • Founder of Healing International, LLC
  • Founder of Unlocking the Mind & 7 Life Lessons
  • CEO/Director of Crystal Bay Resort
  • Renowned Self-Help Expert, Teacher, Public Speaker & Life Coach